Express Your Inner Hippie in Your Bedroom

If you’re bored with your conventional bedroom and your inner hippie, bohemian, boho or whatever you want to call it, is dying to get out here are some ideas to encourage your vision.

You can’t really define hippie or boho style except that it’s colourful, creative, artistic, eclectic and somewhat flamboyant so basically, you can do what you want; the only limit is your imagination.

Don’t be constrained by fashion

This will be YOUR room, your sanctuary and you can ignore the world outside so don’t worry about what’s in vogue at the moment or what your friends will think, just go for it.

Colour Clashes

The one thing a hippie doesn’t care about is clashing colours; they never say “that doesn’t go”. If you like a colour, use it. If you love orange and purple together, put them together. One word of warning though; some colours are said to be less sleep-inducing than others so if you have trouble sleeping, you may need to curb your colour clashing urges.

Boho Bedding

If you’re still feeling somewhat constrained and unable to give up all conventions then there are some splendidly bright hippie bedding sets available but if you want to be totally free then use what you want.

Odd sheets and pillowcases, bright throws in velvet and satin, Morrocan or Nepali blankets all have a place in a hippie bedroom.


A large room will support all sorts of patterns and textures but be careful in a small room or it could all be too much, even for you.


Bohemians are famously artistic and would cover most of their walls with artworks; nudes in particular, to represent freedom. If you’re artistic yourself, you could hang your own paintings, batiks or tie-dyes or you could just paint directly onto the walls.


Anything goes here but preferably quite old furniture, non-matching would be the hippie way. Hand painted furniture would be ideal. You could buy modern furniture and distress it with paint, wax and sandpaper.

Lights and Scents

Low lighting would be the hippie way; candles, filters and light diffusing lamp shades would be ideal and of course joss sticks and scented candles.

Selection of Hippie Bedding Sets

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Selection of Hippie Bedroom Decor

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