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“Hippie” and “Boho” or “Bohemian” style has become popular in recent years. It is a mixture of styles and fashions of the 1960s brought up to date in the 2000s.

The style is ideal for creating a hippie hideaway in your bedroom; the colours are bright and warming and the patterns bold.


Hippie bedding sets are all the rage and the great thing is they come in just about every colour imaginable. They usually consist of a comforter or duvet cover (often reversible), pillow cases and sometimes a cushion or cushion cover.

Alternatively, layered colourful throws can make a hippie effect bed covering.


Designs vary but many are based on a Mandala which is a Hindu and Buddhist spiritual symbol. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle and thus a Mandala design for Hippie bedding sets usually features a circular design with “spokes” emanating evenly from the centre. The “spokes” often feature flowers or leaves or other things from nature.

Other designs include animals, particularly elephants and flowers.

Often the fabric for Mandala bedding sets originates in India and is hand printed. It sometimes has a dark background but the pattern is usually very colourful, although some sets are available in black and white for those who love the style but not the colours.


Even though the items and/or designs may originate in the East, fabrics used are usually modern polyester or polyester microfibre, which is considered to be environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Other popular fabrics for the hippie effect are velvet and silk

Furniture and Accessories

Vintage style furniture fits the hippie chic mould; nothing too sleek and minimalist. Ethnic wall hangings from the Far and Middle East are popular along with macramé hammocks and hangings, joss sticks, incense or scented candles.

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